Women's Fashion Design



My name is Mutiat Olaniyan and am excited to welcome you to this Amazing Community of Modesty! You belong here, we all belong here. This for me is a dream come true. The ability to create a brand for myself and other women and men alike who desire modesty in clothing and Fashion, regardless of our Religious inclination. I and my husband had this dream of having a modest Fashion brand for years, but as it turned out, it only came to fruition when he passed on, on May9, 2017. May9 Canada was officially started May9, 2019 In Ontario Canada. I decided to pursue this dream alone not just for me but for other amazing women out there like you. May9, even though it started out as the darkest day of my life has given me strength and determination like no other. It’s our promise to use the best fabrics to make the most beautiful and elegant designs of modest wears with superior finishing. To deliver only quality service and superb customer relations. We are also a company that gives back to charity for every percentage of profit we make. We are based in Canada and we want to reach out to you anywhere you are in the world.