Accessory Design

Nubian Crowns


Nubian Crowns is a Canadian based company that specializes in custom-designed crowns for Women and Children. Each crown is meticulously handcrafted with special attention to detail and unique to each customer’s personality and style.


Nubian Crowns is owned by Tiffany Cyrus who started design crowns in 2018, she was inspired by a Beauty photoshoot and hence the birth of Nubian Crowns. Tiffany lives by the Motto “You don’t have to win a crown to be a Queen” She believes that every woman deserves to be beautiful.


Nubian Crowns handmade pieces that are crafted to create ways to highlight inner beauty and also helps to boost confidence in women. Inspiration comes in many forms for Tiffany, but the lesson she has learned that motivates her the most are determination and hard work.