Accessory Design, Men's Fashion Design


Incepted in August 2016, DEMARQUEZ-VOUS is a Canadian Brand, created with the main purpose of enhancing the confidence of men and women who are professionally and fashionably dressed. The business has been commended for its chic and innovative lines of custom pins which creates comfort in our individual sense of style. DEMARQUEZ-VOUS’ unique products were inspired by the need to ensure that dress shirt collars are kept upright and do not fall on our shoulders. This perception adds to the classy manner in which we present ourselves. We envisioned a business that would embrace our need to ‘stand out’, which is the epitome of the French term “demarquez-vous”. Our line of products is made exclusively for the fashion forward and bold – the young women and men who are not afraid to step outside of the norm. DEMARQUEZ-VOUS’ business strategy has a two-fold bearing in this competitive market, first servicing business to business and business to consumers. Over the past years, we have evolved from creating pins solely to satisfy the needs of men and women, demonstrating our B2C component. Presenting the pins as accessories to be worn by a groom and his groomsmen, by males/females – whether on a daily basis or attending professional & social outings. Our B2B components are focused on collaborating with renowned businesses and institutions by putting their logos on DEMARQUEZ-VOUS unique products to be sold at their discretions or given as gifts of recognition to distinguished employees and/or valuable customers. DEMARQUEZ-VOUS prides itself in making a difference which is rooted in our mantra that ‘the difference is always noticed in the minutest detail’. We anticipated that your passion for a unique and effective touch is similar to ours and hope that you will let your desire to stand out lead you to DEMARQUEZ-VOUS.