Renowned footwear designer and creator of Black Designers of Canada, George Sully, has teamed up with DHL Express in efforts to support BDC index members to further COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the way we all do business, but it has also generated a new spirit of creativity and perseverance in many small business owners who continue working hard to pivot and thrive during these challenging times.


To recognize the achievements, aspirations and for the continued growth of the BDC index, DHL Express will extend a promotional offer exclusively for members of the BDC.


DHL Express has set-up a direct contact to support the needs of our design community through a  concierge service, which allows direct access, an ease of doing business and tailored solutions for each business owner.


“We celebrate and recognize Black Designers of Canada and George’s pursuit to bring BDC to the forefront of a more inclusive industry. We look forward to utilizing our logistic expertise to help take their products to the world,” said Hazel Valencia, Head of Marketing and PR at DHL Express.


“I’m extremely grateful for all of the added support from the DHL Express team. Every bit of help an emerging designer can get to further support their business counts and this gesture on behalf of DHL Express is deeply appreciated.” George Sully, Founder, BDC.

For direct access to exclusive members only promotional offers, BDC listed designers can contact their personnal Accounts Concierge Simran Aulakh at 905-696-3152 or toll free at 1(844) 889-2132 and or at

Ask us how you can take advantage of DHL’s promotional offers exclusive to BDoC members today!