Who’s allowed to be featured on the index?


Our mandate is to feature and give light to black designers in the various design disciplines listed on our submission form.


How do I get featured on the BDC website?


Our submission forms can be found on our header and footer menus.


Why did you choose that photo? Can I submit my own?


All images chosen for the most part are curated to help in the over-all cohesive esthetics of the site. Lucky for you, there are two dedicated links that guide visitors to your website and or instagram were they can discover the rest of your greatness!


How long does it take to get posted once I submit?


It all depends on the work load but expect a week or two.


This is dope, where can I donate?


There are donate buttons in the top header and bottom footer.


Are you a non-profit?


Yes we are a registered non-profit.