animative space

Animative Space

Stephan Spencer is a well versed technical artist who specializes in making top of the line assets for video games and film. A well versed 3d modeler and texture who specializes in making top of the line assets, environments and characters for video games and film. In my career so far,
• I designed multiple scenes of the storyboard for a short film known as the Boys gift. I also modeled and textured 3D assets for the set. These include 3D houses, gifts and other assets to name a few.


• Created and textured multiple 3D assets for a virtual reality game named ” Ruben’s Cube “. I also animated visual effects and created sound effects for two of the assets utilizing Maya, substance painter, 3ds Max, Photoshop, Unreal Engine, Adobe Aftereffects and Audition.


• Created branding info and other intangibles such as logos, promotion flyers, social media promotional videos for business around Canada. These include Mit, Keycare Clinic, Anique’s edibles etc.