Accessory Design, Unisex Fashion Design

Atelier New Regime

Atelier New Regime is a streetwear label created and headquartered in Montreal.


In 2009, it began as a passion project and outlet for self-expression. With a hustler’s spirit at its core, the team designed in a bedroom, stocked t-shirts in a basement and sold them out of their trunks. The love for art, design, photography, and street culture turned three dreamers into a collective of creatives who challenge themselves to offer design-conscious pieces  and innovative experiences.


Recognized for its refined aesthetic and striking use of the colour orange, ANR prides itself in representing creativity, freedom and passion.


Over the years, the label has become a vessel for the collective to explore freedom through art, which has become an underlying theme of the brand’s narrative. Through multidisciplinary design, Atelier New Regime aims to inspire people to reach their full potential by creatively pushing their limits, to change their world and the world around them.