Accessory Design

Born Rebellion

What is “Born Rebellion”? To understand what Born Rebellion is, you must understand who I am. Born and raised in Toronto, I have always been extremely comfortable in my own skin and have definitely always marched to the beat of my own drum. To me, growing up, the “cool” kids were the ones who embodied confidence yet radiated humbleness, the ones who were not afraid to take the “road less-travelled” because to them the unknown path seemed exciting, not intimidating-the leaders of the pack who encouraged others to stand beside, rather than behind them. These kids lived each day to the fullest and to me they just seemed like they were “born to break the mold”. These kinds of individuals are the inspiration behind the Born Rebellion brand and the muse for the “Rebel” bracelet. The “Rebel” bracelet pays homage to those who are freethinkers, trendsetters, entrepreneurs, risk-takers, and hopes to inspire those who are not to know that they can be. Wearing a “Rebel” bracelet states that you are an individual who strives for excellence and settles only for a lifestyle that is free and uncompromising. This is what Born Rebellion is and a “Rebel” is what I am.