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CharlieBaby Couture


CharlieBaby was conceived out of the desire to fill the void. The lack of high-quality, luxury dog apparel inspired founder Khary Dandy to create a luxury house dedicated exclusively to pet garments and accessories.


Following in the footsteps of traditional fashion houses, Dandy enlisted the help of Italian suit tailor Jean-Paul Logiacco to develop the intricate design for CharlieBaby’s first and signature product, L’Armure. Utilizing tailoring methods of high-end designer suits, they developed a bespoke garment comprised of 20 individual pieces.


Prioritizing slow fashion, impeccable standards for quality and craftsmanship, and a commitment to sustainable practices naturally led to production based in Italy. Materials are sourced in Italy and France, then meticulously hand-sewn and constructed in a workshop in Italy. Each and every CharlieBaby product line passes through this bespoke design and construction model.


The name CharlieBaby was adopted for Dandy’s own cherished canine companion, Charlie. It was out of the desire to extend the same standards of excellence he upholds for himself to his beloved pet that CharlieBaby came into existence.


At CharlieBaby, we seek to expand the exceptional within you to those you love.