Accessory Design
dr. liza

Dr. Liza

Beautiful, luxurious high heels and flats that feel and function like sneakers.


Having spent over a decade treating A-list celebrities and professional women with high heel-related pain, without being able to recommend a foot-friendly yet stylish shoe, Dr. Liza designed her own collection of 12-hour shoes.


dr. Liza shoes are designed in Canada and meticulously crafted in Brazil with a comprehensive orthotic insole, a shock-absorbing platform, a rocker sole to alleviate metatarsal pressure, a non-skid rubber outsole and a deep heel cup to remedy pronation.


A buttery leather exterior in a myriad of colour choices provides a polished look from boardroom to ballroom.


So go ahead, duck out for a stroll. Run that errand. Walk to dinner. Look stylish from morning to night without ever having to kick off your heels.