Unisex Fashion Design

Kyle Gervacy

Kadeem Faustin is a self-taught designer who took a bold leap in 2015 to create KYLE GERVACY: a brand who uses African influences with an Asian aesthetic that bares the designer’s innermost sentiment.


– AFWT Unisex Designer of the Year 2018
– Community Influencer of the Year 2018
– AFWT Unisex Designer of the Year 2017


“The announcement rings through the space where the High Fashion Designer showcase is being staged: “Presenting the Designs of GERVACY!” The audience responds in a spontaneous outpouring of cheers and applause, and there’s an almost tangible shift in the atmosphere; electric anticipation.” – Nicole Georges for TDN Radio (2017)


“The Essence is the name of Kyle Gervacy’s first collection which debuted at African Fashion Week 2016 and it turned heads! Very edgy and chic statement pieces.” – Yvonne Ben for The Kscope (2017)