Unisex Fashion Design


The sensation of cash in hand is unparalleled; the textures, illustrations, and colour of money evoke emotions that are universally experienced.  Whether those sensations lead to feelings of pleasure or guilt are dependent on each individual, but the strength of the feelings themselves are undeniable.


Luut is a venture in conceptual art which gives individuals the chance to wear cash.  A limited number of coats and accessories will be created throughout 2016, each piece hand made and comprised primarily of organic materials.


The process of wearing money is a laborious one – shredded cash is combined with fine wools to create exceptional fabrics.  The process of creating each coat – from the forming of fabrics, buttons, and then final assembly – takes an average of 80 hours.


Due to our finite resources, we do not sell our product online.  Instead we accept reservations, at which time we will discuss sizing or other custom requests.