Unisex Fashion Design



Pasquiat is Toronto-based creative entrepreneur who specializes in fashion, creative direction, 3D design and videography. The name “Pasquiat” is a combination of Jean-Michel Pasquiat and Pablo Picasso. The ethos of Pasquiat is to create a persona that can represent creativity and create artistic affordable apparel. His “Rose From Concrete” collection was presented at Fashion Art Toronto in the fall of 2020. From 2020 to 2021, Pasquiat has collaborated with FAT coordinators, as a drone creative director which allowed me to do videography for 40+ shows. As a 3D artist and  also operates with businesses and artists in the music industry to develop creative concepts and products. In 2022, Pasquiat work on a sustainable water project in Ghana that will intersect with his career in fashion. Afrofuturism also plays a big role in his designs advancing fashion/technology with a black perspective. Pasquiat also has a background in landscape design, with added horticultural accents also seen in his designs.