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Rhowan James

Rhowan James, a Toronto native-born to Jamaican parents who immigrated to Canada, showed him the meaning of hard work and how to never give up on his dreams.  At a young age, he developed a passion for fashion and a desire to customize and accessorize clothing, to fit his own taste.


Rhowan grew up watching his father getting ready for church every Sunday morning. Intrigued by his father’s sense of style, it taught him how to take pride in his own personal appearance when presenting himself to the world.


Without any formal training in fashion, he knew that teaching himself this artistic craft would be a challenge. However, with sheer determination,  pure passion, and drive, he learned everything about the process of designing clothes by reverse engineering them.  He taught himself how to design, construct, cut and sew his own patterns and fabrics. He started creating his own designs that reflected his own personal interests, as inspired by various trips taken abroad, he soon envisioned what he wanted in a menswear brand.


In 2017, he knew that it was time to launch his self-entitled menswear brand, Rhowan James.  His endeavor is to give a fresh point of view for menswear. His goal is to become a leading international fashion brand.