Women's Fashion Design

NUAMA Collectif


Nuama Collectif is a two-fold, ethical fashion brand and collective, that aims to support Black women and Women of Colour through centralising their experiences in and out of the fashion space. This collective emerged from the need to celebrate and empower Black female visual culture, contributions and uplift the communities that we are not only inspired by, but a part of.


With an emphasis on community and collective Black voices, we hope to redefine current narratives within this space, disrupting structures that contribute to anti Blackness and working towards an equitable future for Black female creatives.


Guided by The 4C Collectif Pillars: Communication, Celebration, Collaboration and Contribution, our objective is to stand by a community of women communicating to spark meaningful conversations. It is to celebrate each other and assert our right to seats at our tables. It is to collaborate with other artists, creatives and visionaries in spaces where women can unite, listen and share. It is most importantly, to contribute to a mutual collective – focusing on initiatives that cultivate community building, creative development and economic vibrancy.