Accessory Design, Furniture Design, Industrial Design, Women's Fashion Design

Sidney Molepo

I am an artisan creating unique handmade fashion accessories. I recognize your individuality and am committed to designing and making accessories that meet your values and unique personal style.


As a child, I spent my time drawing, and making toys from found materials. This creativity led me to pursue a degree in architecture, and to discover an interest and talent in designing and making solid wood furniture. This passion led me to New York City where I was fortunate to work with notable furniture and product designers. While living in Brooklyn, inspired by the creative culture around me, I became intrigued with the possibilities of how my background as a furniture maker could translate into making fashion accessories using wood, leather and metal.


I love exploring the ideas in my head by sketching on paper, and I love using the tools in my atelier to give form to these ideas. I see my fashion accessories as pieces of functional sculpture, which are a balance between structure and design. You carry these objects to express your individuality and make a statement to the world. I am dedicated to making objects that you enjoy interacting with and that enrich your life!