Women's Fashion Design

Sirani’s Fashion

Based in Toronto, Canada, Sirani’s Fashion was established in 2017 by Fatim Sylla.

Fatim Sylla traces her love for African fashion back to her childhood when she used to vacation on the Ivory Coast. With the expansion of Africa globally, Fatim Sylla saw an opportunity to bring a part of her culture to Toronto by designing her own collection inspired by African prints and occidental designs. From then, Fatim Sylla started her journey collaborating with tailors in Africa and Toronto to bring the 1st Sirani’s Fashion collection to life.

Sirani’s Fashion’s mission is to bring African fashion into every home in Canada and beyond. With a worldwide customer base, Fatim continues to expand her product offering.

Sirani’s Fashion core values are:

  • Authenticity: Staying true to African fashion
  • Versatility: Collection that offers diverse styling options for diverse styling needs
  • Diversity: From casual to high fashion offerings