Unisex Fashion Design

Thee3 Inception Collection


Thee3 Inception Collection provides luxury unisex accessories and garments which define style through consistent creativity, while remaining fashionably unapologetic. Staying true to our values, our brand embodies innovation and depicts a life without limitations. At Thee³Inception Collection silk will always be a bold assertion with a wide variation of prints and colours to choose from.


Thee3 Inception Collection ensures that the characteristics and unique designs curated consistently compliment the brands identity . In order to remain true throughout the development and growth of the business in the present and for future we ensure to abide by our 3 fundamental values.| Ignite the divine spark within. Aspire to Inspire. Be Unapologetically You|.


With the right space and resources, T3IC is free to create and produce garments that kindle a story of creative concepts and fantasy. We aspire to inspire individual’s around the world and turn each dream into a reality, unapologetically.