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Ellis ESQ

Little impresses the visionary and face of the Ellis ESQ brand.  It is, rather, the adrenaline rush of meeting and exceeding a client’s expectations that he counts as different and substantial.


Dean, simply called ‘Ellis’ by his friends, believes every man is different.  The individuality of every man should be echoed in his wardrobe.  As Ellis travels and stays in front of the fashion curve, he has become a sought after opinion leader in the menswear industry.  This earns him the respect of his peers and competitors alike.


“Details are everything,” is the mantra that Ellis lives by and is one of the founding principles on which Ellis ESQ stands.  His signature polish is etched by what looks good on you and what meets your lifestyle needs.


With a brand built on relationships and a love for design, Ellis created a luxury label in which the vast majority of his clientele are considered to be friends.